Making the Trade Show Tempting

For a good sale of your products and services, exhibitions and fairs can become one of the best ways. Of course, you get to attract many potential customers at a fair but on the other hand, you also get in touch with your rivals. Therefore, you need to pay attention to one thing, and that is, make your exposure very attractive for your clients to find difficult to overlook.

A good flag banner can make all the difference by not giving people a chance to simply go past. However, gaining people’s attention is only the first step. What happens next is a kind of challenge. You need to know how to impress them with a great presentation of your products and services.

Here, we have five amazing ways that help you secure an effective trade show.

1. Pay attention to the booth

The first thing is the support you use. Whatever the type of media, you must use the space optimally. The size of the space does not count until and unless you know how to leave a lasting impact on your visitors. We suggest to mark the space. An emerging shelf helps in the best way here.

You can count on your booth only if you make sure it carries a clear message for visitors. Some people prefer to have just a glimpse of things on the screen. If the booth becomes attractive enough, it is very likely to remain somewhere in the back of your mind for a long time. A call to action at the end of the stand, such as a link to a website or a telephone or email number, may benefit you even more. They can contact you for more information. One beneficial aspect of running banner stands is their cost effectiveness.

2. Better connection with visitors

Why attend an exhibition or fair? Simply to attract customers and increase sales of your products and services, right? Now that you get to have a one-on-one with your clients here, you need to make sure the people on the stand are experts and knowledge. They should know how to demonstrate their business and fully engage with visitors.

As you attend more and more exhibitions, you will learn how to deal with large masses at once.

3. Free offers

Freebies are always a good option to excel at a trade show. Offer your visitors a free gift or coupon in exchange for your contact number and email ID. You can also think about offering other goods, such as a keychain, which is again a promising but profitable brand tool. Do not forget to hand your branding business cards to visitors.

4. Nothing exists without promotion

Promote before you step forward to participate in a trade show. If people are not aware of it, how are they supposed to be part of it? Use different platforms to promote your effort, such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your website and your sales team that diffuses the message in its own way. Even at the fair, do not leave any opportunity to promote your booth ‘live’.

5. Clear and understandable information

Any information you wish to extend to visitors at your booth should be very clear and easy to understand. Your visitors should know clearly what it is about and how it will benefit them. They should also know how they can place their order if they want. If you can also include some additional promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, strut cards, and presentation folder, it will work wonders.

If you find it difficult to create a promising booth for an exhibition, contact Print Point Inc., which offers you professional banner design services. We are committed to make you stand out from the crowd. Just let us know what you have in your mind, and we will make it a reality.

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Business to Business – Look For the Less Glamorous Accounts

As a former franchisor and service operator, I have some important advice to discuss with you today. You see, these days I do a bit of consulting and therefore, I am constantly reading business plans for small start-up businesses. One thing I always find is that smaller companies always seem to want to go immediately to customers, consumers and high-end customers, and if they plan to make business-to-business contracts, young and often naive entrepreneurs tend to go after the big Corporate brand clients. However, I recommend a different tactic in this area, let’s talk.

Of course, it makes sense to go after high-end customers and name brands, but do not dismiss the less glamorous businesses to do business. Have you ever heard the saying; “Selling the masses and living with the classes?” Makes sense. In fact, when operating my companies, we never forget this strategy. I think many entrepreneurs want to get their product at Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. Or they want to partner with Starbucks, Apple, Nike or Google, but be careful, those companies have the garbage selection, Everyone wants to do business with them, so they always get the best price, which means they will earn less money And you will have to work on the volume to make a profit, and you will have to invest large to upgrade just to manage the account – so you are essentially buying the account, not just getting the account.

In my previous company, we did contract cleaning on the site and had sales teams and worked out a Bonzai-Blitz mission marketing strategy, which works for any company that does B2B services. What we found was the less glamorous accounts; Cleaning trash trucks, for example, actually paid more money because no one else bid on the account.

In fact, we end up cleaning up all sorts of things that no one else competes for, like cleaning solar panels, restaurant yards, garage doors, awnings, culverts, driveways, lookouts, Drought, jacuzzi in hotels, locomotives and railroad cars. It was really amazing how easy it was to secure a strong cash flow without having to lower our offer to get the job done. That’s not to say that becoming a supplier for a large company will not be lucrative, it certainly can be, but they also realize how many companies have gone bankrupt trying to perform with razor margins as a Sears or Wal- Mart.

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